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- Greene County Tech Junior High



  • The educational experience is and should be extended beyond the classroom. Homework provides for learning experiences outside, in addition to the traditional classroom setting.
  • Homework should be meaningful guided practice or directed activity based on previously introduced subjects or concepts.
  • Homework should be graded and returned to students except for review assigned in preparation for examinations.
  • Homework completion time and difficulty level should be based on expectations of average students.
  • The classroom teacher will clearly define or designate a reasonable time to make up work or accept assignments (i.e., 3 days to make up 3 days absent).
  • A student will be expected to take a test on the day he/she returns if the test has been announced prior to his/her absence.
  • When possible (in most cases) homework should be assigned during class time allowing thorough explanation and practice time.

Amount and Sequence

8th - 9th grade: Frequent homework (3-5 days per week) limited to no more than 1/2 hour per subject area.

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