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“Investing in the Future... One Student at a Time.”

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- Greene County Tech High School

A student shall successfully complete a minimum of twenty-two units of credit in a program which is cooperatively planned by the student, parents, and the school to meet the needs of the student. Accumulation of credits will begin with the 9th grade year.

Required courses for graduation from Greene County Tech High School starting with the graduating class of 2009:

English 4 units  
Oral Communications 1/2 unit  
Social Studies 3 units World History
United States History
Science 3 units 1 - Biology
1 - Physical Science
Mathematics 4 units 1 - Algebra or Equivalency
1 - Geometry
Physical Education 1/2 unit  
Fine Arts 1/2 unit  
Health Education 1/2 unit  
Elective 6 units  

It is required that "honor students" at Greene County Tech High School perform at a high academic level. As part of the requirements, honor students must have taken:

English 4 units  
Science 4 units 1 - Biology
1 - Chemistry
1 - Physical Science OR Physics
Mathematics 4 units 1 - Algebra I
1 - Geometry
1 - Algebra II
1 - Advanced Math OR Calculus
Social Studies 4 units 1 - Civics
1 - U.S. History
1 - World History
Foreign Language 2 units Both units of same language

Additionally, all honor graduates must complete at least two Advanced Placement courses in two different subject areas.

Students who meet the course requirements for honor student and have a 3.5 or above cumulative grade point average are recognized as honor graduates. All honor students will score at 19 or above in each of the four divisions (Language, Reading, Mathematics, and Science Reasoning) on the ACT.

A- A A+