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“Investing in the Future... One Student at a Time.”

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National Honor Society


- Greene County Tech High School

The National Honor Society at Greene County Tech is open only to juniors and seniors. To qualify, a junior or senior must have a 3.5 or higher GPA and must also exhibit qualities of good character, positive leadership, and service. In other words, these students are to be the “cream of the crop”! Their leadership is essential in every area of our high school. This year, we have excellent leadership.

A Faculty Council, as designated by the National NHS Constitution, is appointed each year by the principal. This group makes all decisions regarding invitation to membership and dismissal from membership.  In considering faculty members for the council, the principal tries to choose people who represent different academic disciplines and people who are available to meet occasionally after school. The advisers for the NHS group are Leola Atchison and Betty Rains. In matters regarding selection and discipline of members, the advisers have no vote. Neither does the principal.

Dues of $10 are collected to raise funds for the $300 Mary Orick Memorial Scholarship that is usually awarded to a senior NHS member in the spring of each year. Funds can be used to help with various service projects throughout the year. Always, funds help to buy materials for the evening candlelit initiation of members and the reception afterwards, as well as supplies, like membership certificates and parent invitations.

When an NHS member fails to maintain his 3.5 GPA or fails in one of the other areas—character or leadership or service, he will be given one semester to improve in this area and will be on probation during that semester. A member will be notified of his or her probationary status in a letter from one of the NHS advisors. During this probationary period, he or she will be able to participate in all activities of NHS, except to be elected to an officer position.

In the case of a senior who fails to maintain the 3.5 GPA at graduation time, he or she will be denied the privilege of wearing the special NHS golden cord during the graduation ceremony.

In the area of service, all of our members struggle to meet requirements. Currently, we are brainstorming and planning a chapter service project that we hope to accomplish through teamwork with another group on campus. Also, we are working to find individual service projects for our members who already often have a heavy academic schedule and who are often heavily booked with school activities. We feel that NHS is the organization that can help its members meet the growing demand of service requirements on college admissions applications as well as college scholarship applications. This area is probably our biggest challenge!</p

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