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“Investing in the Future... One Student at a Time.”

5413 West Kingshighway Paragould, Ar. 72450



- Greene County Tech High School

Michael Finch

East Lab Facilitator

215-4400 ext. 6309

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greene County Tech EAGLE


EAST is best described as a performance based learning environment that utilizes problem based service learning and advanced technological applications. At Greene County Tech we strive to empower all of our EAST students with the tools they need to tackle and accomplish any task they desire to address within the EAST environment. At GCT EAGLE EAST Lab the only limitations on solving problems is the limitations of our students’ imaginations.

EAST students are allowed to demonstrate the abilities they possess, the talents they have developed and the opportunity to apply it to everything: Some examples of these attempts and application of their efforts include: hands on construction to graphic arts; Spatial satellite technology to charitable fundraising for natural disaster victims; Internet safety to Bus safety; Improvement of student life within the school by development of the Outdoor Classroom to recognition of Advanced ranked students with specially reserved parking spaces; School wide communication improvement by an ongoing project dealing with a School Web Site development. All ideas generated from students in EAST, developed by EAST students, applied by EAST students.

Students have at their disposal many of the latest technologically advanced software programs that include, ARCGIS, ARCView, DreamWeaver, FireWorks,ArchCAD9, SoftImage as well as many of the basic Microsoft Office Programs that enable them to communicate in a professional manner with the outside world. This coupled with the support from technology professionals locally, state and nationwide creates a learning environment opportunity not available any where but EAST. For more information go to to see the EASTInitiative website and the far reaching impact today’s technologically savvy students have in today 21st Century World not just in Greene County. For more information about efforts here in Greene County or if you have a possible project for student consideration please contact Mr. Finch, EAST Facilitator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 870-215-4400 ext. 6309.

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