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The educational experience is and should be extended beyond the classroom. Homework provides for learning experience outside, in addition to the traditional classroom setting.

Amount and Sequence

Grade 2 - Minimal homework (3 days per week or less)

Grade 3 - Minimal homework (3 days per week or less)

Make-up work:

For various subjects, assignments are made for students to complete at home. The frequency and type of assignments depend upon teachers and the grade you are in.

  1. The teacher should provide the student with the necessary make up work and assignments upon return to school.
  2. The classroom teacher should clearly define or designate a reasonable time limit to make up work or accept assignments (i.e. 3 days to make up 3 days absence).
  3. Substitute assignments, tests, or activities may be used in place of a specific assignment, test, or activity missed.
  4. No make up work is allowed for unexcused absences, which includes removal, suspension, truancy, class cut, etc.
  5. A student will be expected to take a test on the 2nd day he/she returns if the test has been announced prior to the absence.
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