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- Greene County Tech Resources

keeping with Act 1288 of 1993, an Alternative Learning Environment Program has been added to the curriculum.

The purpose of this program is to offer non-traditional/flexible instructional methods that will enable all students to participate in the educational process.

Students within the jurisdictional responsibility of the district who exhibit characteristics of at-risk students such as recurring absenteeism, disruptive behavior, dropping out of school, personal or family problems that negatively affect the student's achievement or social progress; and students returning from residential programs or school expulsions will have access to the Alternative Learning Environment.

A trained teacher/counselor will be available to work with students, parents, school personnel, and appropriate agencies to address academic and/or behavior problems that interfere with the student's educational process.

A committee composed of a school administrator, counselor, teacher, parent, student and appropriate outside agencies will determine the individual student's needs and document how the Alternative Learning Environment can meet these needs. Students assigned to the ALE will be assigned for not less than one semester.

The student assessment profile will include information on behavioral assessment, attendance records, and problems both in and out of school. Screening instruments will be used to help diagnose learning difficulties and achievement deficiencies.

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