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“Investing in the Future... One Student at a Time.”

5413 West Kingshighway Paragould, Ar. 72450


1.      Students up to the 5th grade must be with an adult.  This includes when the students go to the concession stand and/or the restroom.

 2.      No students will be allowed to play football or other games inside the stadium.

 3.      Upon entering the stadium, the students must remain there.  Should they leave, they will not be allowed to re-enter.

 4.      For safety reasons, students will not be allowed to leave the stadium and go to the playground.

 5.      No students will be allowed to hang out on the south end, the visitors’ side, or the practice field. 

 6.      During the Jr. High games, all students must sit in the bleachers.  We realize that everyone may not be able to find a seat at the High School games, however, if students want to watch the game from the hill, they must be seated.

 7.      Students will not be allowed to congregate on the sidewalk.

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